Looking forward

In recent weeks I have found myself able to devote more significant amounts of time to studying and researching things I find to be interesting and potentially important. I know no one really reads this religiously but I wanted to lay out a concerted plan for some future posts:

1) The first being a request by a dear friend and blogging machine Thomas Leamy who wanted me to take a look at the trend of urbanization in Africa and the reasonable prospects for success in the ‘new cities’ popping up throughout Sub-Saharan Africa

2) Examination of the conditions of economic hardship, corruption and lack of rule of law that allow Boko Haram to operate and grow in Northeast Nigeria

3) Since my time in Myanmar I have been unbelievably interested in the country. There are some extremely important aspects to the ongoing political, social, and economic situations that I believe can be analysed side by side with other cases of similar situations. Some of these being: 1) the transition from a military to civilian government, its prospects for success and what the timeline should realistically be in order to maintain peace in civil-military relations 2) The military of Myanmar, also known as the Tatmadaw, as an economic actor who controls a huge amount of the local economy and its similarities to the Egyptian military which has been rumored to account for nearly half of that country’s economy 3) The bargaining process in the Kachin conflict in the north – Is it still a fight for independence? Is it a fight to drive out Chinese-centric FDI in the state? Is it spiralling to an enclave conflict where both the KIA and Tatmadaw are now fighting over the plentiful natural resources? 4) The violence in Rakhine – What is going wrong with the peace dialogue?

It’s a pleasure to be using my brain again.


About glacandia

International Relations & Peace and Conflict grad interested in everything from violent non-state actors, reconstruction in conflict zones to health and human services with a little bit of art theft, pirates and hip hop thrown in. Retired artisan baker, avid cyclist and mountain climber. Currently planning my escape...
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