I figured now m…

I figured now might be as good a time to post some things I have been dwelling on lately because I don’t feel like taking the first of what will most likely be 3 showers today.  Early this morning during a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, CO; a former Colorado Med student walked in armed with what has now been confirmed as an AR-15 with a high capacity “barrel clip,” a handgun, and shotgun.  He proceeded to open fire on the audience, hitting around 70 people killing 12.  Based on what I’ve seen so far on the internet (barring some individuals), there has been a large outpouring of sympathy for the victims, as well as their friends and family.  As this is a horrible tragedy, I believe there is some political response that needs to be made regarding protection against more of this gun crime.

I have no friends or family in CO, nor do I know any individual directly affected by this shooting, the topic of school shootings is something I am very sensitive about. Being from Illinois, a lot of my classmates ended up at Northern Illinois University, and if you remember on February 14, 2008 a disturbed graduate student walked into an auditorium during an afternoon class and opened fire killing 5 and wounding more than 20.   I know of two girls that were in that class. One survived that day, and another did not.  Being as removed from that high school as I sought to be as soon as the chance presented itself, I didn’t immediately recognized my deceased former classmate’s name, but my mother soon sent me a copy of the program that was passed out at her memorial, and I instantly remembered who it was and how we had spent most of high school in the same exact classrooms at the same exact time.  Now, I can’t say that we were friends at all, but she was a part of my day, five times a week, for about 9 months out of the year, for over three years, and no matter how little I knew her, I still can’t believe what happened.  In recent months I have been told news of acquaintances and friends passing away for a variety of different reasons, but still nothing bothers me more than what happened to her that afternoon.



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